International Initiative for Development for Ethnic Art

Divé maky concert

This CD - a live concert recording - is dedicated to all CHILDREN. I am confident that this shared concert experience in the Slovakian radio is not only a wonderful memory, but is also meaningful, because when talent merges with hard work and even though this means overcoming obstacles, is time consuming and demanding, is worth all the trouble. This concert and this CD is a gift to the Roma children who have been chosen to the Divé maky choir, for their dedication and energy they spent while working on this project. I firmly believe that this provided the children with a chance to thank Divé maky and their patrons for their chance and support which the children are receiving and cherish. As artistic director I would like to express how deeply grateful I am that Divé maky exists and is devoted to such demanding and meaningful work. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for being able to be a part of this work process. I hope and wish that this CD was an inspiration to other Roma children and youth, inspiring them to represent their Romani culture, identity, songs on a professional level and realizing that they have a place in this world. With love, Ida Kelarová
  1. Úvodné slovo
  2. Na šunav
  3. Spoločný tanec
  4. Kamimo | Play sample
  5. Evo
  6. Sare de patrija
  7. Sako džanel
  8. Užarav
  9. Slugadžis
  10. Inštrumentálka
  11. Kaj tu sal | Play sample
  12. Avča mri čhaj | Play sample
  13. Nane o da lavutaris
  14. Avľas ke man miri daj
  15. Nasvalo som | Play sample
  16. Hej romale
  17. Romale