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A word from the Artistic Director

I love my work and am very proud of finding one of the ways that can help us all to open ourselves in this modern world which is crushing us and our emotions. I believe that we must find the strength we sorely need to live, remain open and strong, but still a bit vulnerable with the ability to stand up for ourselves without giving up.


Recent Events

  • Romano drom Summer School for Roma kids from the Czech Republic and Slovakia took place July 30, 2016 - August 13, 2016. This project included concerts with the members of the Czech Philharmonic in three northern Bohemia towns (Nový Bor, Rumburk and Děčín).
  • May 9-12, 2016: workshop and concert at the Martin Boos School, Gallneukirchen, Austria (more)
  • Ida Kelarova on Gipsy TV

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Upcoming Events  

  • October 3-7, 2016: concerts in Prague. Ida Kelarova with her artistic team and the Čhavorenge choir will perform with the Czech Philharmonic in Prague. (more)
  • October 2016: premiere screening of the documentary filmO čo ide Idě?” about the Romano drom summer school 2015