International Initiative for Development for Ethnic Art


The word "charity" is beautiful. Actions speak louder than words. To do good - for those who need it.

The fact that deprivation affects children deeply concerns us. For this reason, we have decided to help socially disadvantaged families with children, children from homes and gifted children who without support and aid would not be given the chance to develop their talent.

We have discovered that Roma children display overwhelming potential which is not only underestimated by our society, but also without proper understanding of the Roma soul and mentality, cannot be fully developed and used. We long for these children to grow up to become role models for others, to become the bridge to acceptance of the Roma by the majority, and motivation and inspiration to other Romani people.

We help children who are brought up in an environment lacking adequate stimulation to grow and gain experience and skills, and by allowing them to set their own goals, show them what it can mean for their future. Our assistance sometimes means acting as their own family should.

It is our responsibility to protect children against violence, discrimination, latent and open racism, to feed and clothe them, to improve their hygienic conditions when they are hungry or cold - in short to show that their life is just as valuable as ours. To support them in this journey to understanding themselves, to pass on experience and offer hope. To show them that another world exists and introduce role models into their lives which offer authentic motivation.

Children are the future of every nation. The activities of MIRET are dedicated to reducing racial intolerance of the Romani community in the most direct way - focusing on those who are marginalized and with the intention to change this situation.

We respect the Convention on the Rights of the Child, its right to education and to lead a full and independant life.

Moldava nad bodvou


Romano drom

Romano drom summer school with concerts in three towns in the North Bohemia (Šluknovsko) will take place during July 30 - August 13, 2016.


  • 9. 8. letní kino v Novém Boru
  • 10. 8. Lužické náměstí v Rumburku
  • 11. 8. zámecké zahrady v Děčíně


Concerts with the Czech Philharmonic

Four concerts by the Čhavorenge Choir and Czech Philharmonic directed by Marco Ivanović will take place in Prague in October 2016.