International Initiative for Development for Ethnic Art

Supported talents

The civic association MIRET support young talented artists who out of financial, social, racial or other reasons do not have the chance to establish themselves.

Since 1998, Ida Kelarová and Desiderius Dužda have been travelling and visiting various Romani community centres and settlements in order to support young Romani talents in the CZ and Slovakia. They focus on selecting artists, music groups and ensembles for their well-known Romani festival "Gypsy Celebration" taking place at castle Svojanov. This festival has gained international acclaim and is considered to be one of the most successful projects of its kind in the Czech and Slovak Republic. The whole festival has an additional title "Romani to Gadjo". This project is unique because it offers an opportunity to promote young Roma talents and present them to the public. This annual gathering of Roma musicians and artists at castle Svojanov is the main event to celebrate the activities of MIRET.

Children can choose from a wide array of performing arts activities and acquire skills and cultivate their talent in the area of their choice. Apart from focusing on fulfilling their own artistic goals, they also learn the art of communication and understanding, so that in the future they may become valid members of our society.

All these talented children are the fruits of the children's creative workshop at castle Svojanov 2006. They have performed at Ida Kelarová's concert at Fléda Music club in Brno, in the Slovakian TV show Metro, as guests at a concert in the Švandovo Theatre, in a music Czech TV show Noc s Andělem, and at castle Svojanov as part of the Gypsy Celebration festival programme.

Stephan Settele has filmed a documentary about Ida a Desideria's acitivites and search for new talents named Zuhause ist wo ich bin, premiered in 2003. It was played in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The Czech premiere was held in Prague's Aero Theatre, and it was also broadcast by Czech Television. The film offers an insight into their effort in helping the Roma - especially Roma children.

Art has become soulless, and the destructive influence of commercionalization causes young people to lose their identity and their own creative potential. This gives rise to ignorance and produces art that is biased. Therefore, all activites of MIRET are focused on authentic, natural creativity

Heartfelt, sincere creativity builds a person's self-confidence and identity and consequently gives one freedom. These factors help a person to lead a full and healthy life, awakening the inner self, a process fundamental not only in art. The activities of MIRET are not affected by age, professional or ethnic boundaries.


Romano drom

Romano drom summer school with concerts in three towns in the North Bohemia (Šluknovsko) will take place during July 30 - August 13, 2016.


  • 9. 8. letní kino v Novém Boru
  • 10. 8. Lužické náměstí v Rumburku
  • 11. 8. zámecké zahrady v Děčíně


Concerts with the Czech Philharmonic

Four concerts by the Čhavorenge Choir and Czech Philharmonic directed by Marco Ivanović will take place in Prague in October 2016.