International Initiative for Development for Ethnic Art

Workshop and concert at the Montessori School at Ludesch, Austria (2016)

Cooperation continued for the third year running with the Montessori School at Ludesch, Austria. From April 5 to April 8 we took part in a workshop with 30 local children aged between six and nine. Over the three days, we taught the children nine songs. Already on the first day they remembered the words and were able to give a beautiful rendition of the songs.

The performance was attended by 400 people. Guests included the world’s best accordion players Lelo Nika and Goran Kovačević who came to give their support. They were deeply moved and impressed that something so beautiful could be staged in such a short time. The project was attended by children from the Čhavorenge Choir.

The Austrian children fell in love with not just the children from Čhavorenge but Roma culture as well. They sang with all their hearts. “We should never underestimate children’s capabilities,” commented Ida Kelarová.

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