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Concert by the Čhavorenge choral group and Czech Students’ Philharmonic (2016)

A series of concerts by the Čhavorenge choral group led by Ida Kelarová and her artistic team together with the Czech Students’ Philharmonic took place at Prague’s Rudolfinum on October 3, 4 and 7, 2016. The concerts were meant for pupils from primary and middle schools (together for 4000 pupils and students). The concert on October 7 at Prague’s Rudolfinum was open to the public.

Media Appreciation

HARMONIE online: Roztančené Rudolfinum (autor: Luboš Stehlík)

Český rozhlas: Na dopoledních koncertech v pražském Rudolfinu vystupuje s filharmoniky i romský sbor (Zdeněk Přidal)

Romea: Když zní hudba, není potřeba slov (autor: Sophia Dvořáková)

US Embassy in Prague (blog)

Facebook of the Czech Philharmonic

Audience Appreciation

“I would really, really like to thank you for the exceptional cultural experience and splendid Friday evening at the Rudolfinum and also for your, not widely known, work for Roma and other children. I was really pleased that I was able to meet with you personally as well as with Dežo, Ota, Michal, and Petr Kadlec. I also appreciate the fact that I can cooperate with you. I would also like to pass on the appreciation and admiration of my close friends, with who I attended the Rudolfinium concert.”  (Alois Novotný)


Comments of students from Beroun’s Medical School:

 “I really liked everything. The musicians in both the first and second periods really put their hearts into it which was very much appreciated.”

“I was pleasantly surprised.  I liked it a lot and would definitely like to go again.” 

“The best was the Roma choral group which was full of energy and positive emotion.  I really appreciated the violinists.”

“It was a marvellous experience. I really liked everything and it really enriched the school year. I would pick out the Roma choral group for special praise.”

“I liked it best when the choir and orchestra performed together because from the start you could feel their love of music.”


“Dear Mrs. Ida. Many thanks for the exceptional concert and the spontaneous joy that prevailed there. The concert has a great atmosphere, perhaps even better than at the Nickelback rock band that I saw three weeks earlier at the O2 Arena.  We are really glad that you and the children were able to accomplish so much this year and we will keep our fingers crossed.” (Radan Kuča, Nadační fond Pomozme dětem žít lépe - Fund to Help Children to Live Better)

“I was with the children at the morning concerts for schools on Tuesday and Friday. It was tremendous, I only regret that the whole school could not go along. Both halves of the concert were great. I would like to praise Mrs Idarová and say that our two children both responded when the question was asked whether they sang Roma songs at school. Yes they sing them, and with joy, and after that concert they have widened their repertory. A great thanks from my heart to Mr Kadlec and Ivanovic for their work preparing the excellent concert for schools. There was 99 percent emotion in their efforts... ” (Zuzana Vaníčková)


“This morning I read the last edition of the weekly Respekt about the Chavorenge Roma choral group and their problems at the |Pod Jedlova recreation camp. I would like to express my support and say how ashamed I am of the behaviour of some of my fellow citizens towards these Roma children, and not just Roma children.”  (Romana Brilová, MŠ Ondřejov)

“I am really delighted that I could be part of it when children from ghettos, shelters, and small villages performed at the Rudolfinum and the applause almost brought the roof down. For us it was a chance to see these children and young people in a different context. And for these children it’s an experience that will change the way they view themselves and how they deal with the outside world. “It’s up to all of us how to take things further. I would say one thing to the parents of those children: Don’t disappoint them and they will not disappoint you.” (Sophia Dvořáková, Šance pro Tebe)

“I would like to thank you both for myself and my colleagues for the marvellous experience at Friday’s performance at the Rudolfinum. It was really great. We really appreciated when your children teamed up with the children from Varnsdorf. We really admire the work you carry out with Roma children and wish you every success.” (Naďa Čermáková)


Around 4000 pupils and students from elementary and middle schools attended concerts for schools between October 3 and 7, 2016. Many thanks.