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Chavorenge concert with the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra (2015)

The Chavorenge choir together with Ida Kelarová and her artistic team performed with the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra in Slovak Radio’s large Bratislava studio on December 9, 2015. The concert was a great success with applause from a full hall greeting the final performance. It was the last concert of Ida Kelarová and her group in 2015.

The situation surrounding the Chavorenge choir was tense in 2015. Children dropped out before every concert performance. There were various causes but most of them were due to various family reasons. For the final Bratislava concert, only 27 out of the original 50 children were ready to take the stage and the choir was faced with collapse. For the children, it was an immense challenge because they knew how much depended on their individual and team performance.

The children responded by putting in a performance that helped assure the choir’s future for the years to come.

Even in their reduced numbers, the choir put in a performance that won full and enthusiastic applause with an impressed public leaving the concert. The children already had a wealth of experience with various orchestras and musical groups. Here they came to appreciate that there were also considerable difference between orchestras themselves and their approach to their work. 

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