International Initiative for Development for Ethnic Art

Collection of clothes for Roma settlement in Lenartov in 2009

The puupils and teachers from B. O. R. G. Schoren Gymnasium in Dornbirn (Austria) organized a humanitarian collection of well-worn clothes for children from settlements in Eastern Slovakia. To Lomnička and Hermanovce some consignments of well-worn clothes were transfered to children, who were able to attend the school so the adults could go to work. Two lorries of clothes were sent.  The company Gebrüder Weiss helped to transport this consingment chargé of free. This form of help, in the framework of cooperation of civic association 

Miret and B. O. R. G. Schoren Gymnasium, became a longterm project.

In Lenartov, 10 latrines were also built for inhabitants of the settlement to improve their hygienic conditions. This was financially supported by MIRET.