International Initiative for Development for Ethnic Art


We organise and support fundraisers which help Roma children from socially disadvantaged families.

How can you become involved?

Dear friends,

if you are interested in participating in a clothing collection fundraiser for Roman children from socially disadvantaged families in East Slovakia, we will be grateful.

The main condition is to send clothing which is in good condition, clean, and washed. We prefer quality over quantity, for these children will represent themselves at a higher standard than their parents can provide.

In order for the donated clothing to arrive to Slovakia before the Christmas holidays, the annual fundraiser is held before December.

Postal address:
569 92  Bystré
Czech Republic

If you wish to organize a fundraiser in your town, we will be grateful for your support.

Successful fundraisers

Settlement Lenartov, Lomnička and Hermanovce

The international project which aims to reduce illiteracy and unemployment of the Roma was launched in 2002 in cooperation with the mayor of the Romani village and settlement Lenartov, Lomnička and Hermanovce in Slovakia.


Besides the donated clothing, with the financial aid of MIRET, 10 toilets were built for the inhabitants of the settlement to improve their hygienic conditions.

Fundraiser in Dornbin, Austria

The children and teachers of a primary school in Dorbin (Austria) organized a clothing collection fundraiser for children from settlements in East Slovakia. Several deliveries of used clothing arrived to Lomničky and Hermanovce. These 3 trucks of clothing enabled the children to go to school and adults to work. The sponsor for the transport was the firm Gebrüder Weiss. This form of help is a long-term project of MIRET.


Romano drom

Romano drom summer school with concerts in three towns in the North Bohemia (Šluknovsko) will take place during July 30 - August 13, 2016.


  • 9. 8. letní kino v Novém Boru
  • 10. 8. Lužické náměstí v Rumburku
  • 11. 8. zámecké zahrady v Děčíně


Concerts with the Czech Philharmonic

Four concerts by the Čhavorenge Choir and Czech Philharmonic directed by Marco Ivanović will take place in Prague in October 2016.