International Initiative for Development for Ethnic Art

Timeline of Events


  • Six weekends during 2015 focused on the project Čhavorenge 2015
  • Adventure singing workshop ‘Words are not important’ at Ostrava’s Chaloupka family and community centre for Roma and non-Roma foster families which have adopted Roma children.
  • The project ‘Hitting the Right Notes’ in cooperation with the Czech Philharmonic for children from Prague primary schools with the participation of the  Čhavorenge Choir.
  • Workshop and concert at the Montessori Centre in Ludesch, Austria.
  • Open air concert by the Čhavorenge Choir and Czech Philharmonic directed by Jiří Bělohlávek at Prague’s  Hradčanské Náměstí  (the closing 119 th concert of the Czech Philharmonic’s concert season).
  • Romano Drom Summer School – concerts and workshops offered as part of the Romano Drom project at Roma settlements at Hermanovce, Raslavice, and Lenartov. Participation by the Čhavorenge Choir, Ida Kalarová and her artistic team, members of the Czech Philharmonic, and others.
  • The Romale international Roma music festival with appearances by the Čhavorenge Choir and Ida Kalarová together with their artistic team and members of the Czech Philharmonic.
  • Singing and dancing workshops to conclude the project ’Breaking down barriers’ at the Trmice primary school with participation by members of the Čhavorenge Choir.
  • Concert tour of Czech towns and cities (Prague, Beroun, Vsetín) with members of the Czech Philharmonic.
  • Educational excursions to Prague and  Bratislava for members of the Čhavorenge Choir.
  • Charity workshop and concert in Aarau, Switzerland.
  • Concert by the Čhavorenge Choir with the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra at Slovak Radio’s large studio.
  • Michal Mižigár in cooperation with the organization Slovo 21 is awarded an internship at the US Embassy in Prague (lasting from January to September 2016).


  • 5 weekend workshops during 2014 in the frame of a project Čhavorenge 2014
  • Michal Mižigár participated Aspen Young Leaders Program 2014 in Tále (Slovakia)
  • Workshop and concert in Montessori Center in Ludesh (Austria)
  • Michal Mižigár accepted an invitation and participated of ceremonial dinner and conference The Big Bang. 25 Years Since Anus Mirabilis in The Senate of Parlament of The Czech Republic
  • Střed zájmu – Cena Publika (Price of Audience): Ida Kelarova (Miret) and Petr Kadlec (Czech philharmonic) presented educational activities of project Romano drom and were awarded by audience
  • Romano drom – summer school, concerts and workshops of Ida Kelarova, Čhavorenge choir and Czech Philharmonic and others in the frame of a project Romano drom in Roma settlements Lenartov, Raslavice and Synagogue in Liptovský Mikuláš (Slovakia)
  • Concert of Ida Kelarova and Jazz Familia. Members of choir Čhavorenge performance as the guests in House of Culture Ružinov in Bratislava (Slovakia)
  • Oto Bunda and Michal Mižigár cooperate wth GIC Nora on a project Let´s find together a new way!
  • Cognitive excursion in Prague for members in Prague
  • Concert on occasion International Student´s day in Dvořák Hall in Rudolfinum in Prague (The Czech Republic)
  • Collection of clothes in Ludesh (Austria) for Roma settlement in Lenartov and Markušovce (Slovakia)


  • Hlasy pre zajtrajšok“ (Voices for tomorrow) – workshops with Roma children in Šaca (Košice, Slovakia)

  • Jan Dužda participates seminar for teachers of Romani in the frame of prject QUALIROM in Graz (Austria)

  • Real Deal – Michal Mižigár participates a contact seminar in Villa de Mamaleira (Portugal)
  • Workshop and concert in the city of Košice – European Capital of Culture, in state theatre (Slovakia)
  • Ida Kelarova, choirs Čhavorenge a Barbastella performance at a beneficial concert for The Foundation Nadační fond pro podporu osob se zdravotním postižením at Czech Museum of Music in Prague
  • Concert of Ida Kelarová, choir Čhavorenge and Barbastella at Dům kultury in Hodonín (The Czech Republic)
  • Jan Dužda and Michal Mižigár participate the English language course English for YOUth in Čadca (Slovakia)
  • Michal Mižigár becomes a member of Krizový štáb (a group of young Roma scholars and intellectuals in the Czech Republic)
  • Michal Mižigár lectures Roma history and bases of Romani at Institute of Czech Language and Theory of Communication at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague
  • Michal Mižigár meets with Government Human Rights Comissioner on occasion International Roma Day in Lichtenštejnský Palace in Prague
  • Choirs Čhavorenge and Barbastella celebrate with together concert Brno (The Czech Republic) on occasion of International Roma Day
  • Workshop at B. O. RG – SCHOREN Gymnasium in Dornbirn (Austria) and benefical concert
  • Oto Bunda performance in the frame of a project Hlasy zítřka (Voices for tomorrow) in the synagogue in Novi Sad (Serbia)
  • Miret prepares in cooperation with NADACE YEHUDIHO MENUHINA in frame of a project “Hlasy zítřka” educational-artistic workshops for 40 pupils at the school Klavertje in Brussels  (Belgium)
  • Vladimíra Polišenská and Michal Mižigár participate at conference Roma positive role in media in American Centre in Prague (The Czech Republic) and reception at residency of ambassador of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
  • Jan Dužda lectors Roma language in Muzeum romské kultury (Museum of Roma culture) in Brno (The Czech Republic)
  • Čhavorenge performance at museum night at Museum romské kultury in Brno
  • Lucie Čechovská participate of Training Course Inclusive in Instanbul (Turkey)
  • Michal Mižigár goes to research way to Pécs (Hungary)
  • Romano ňilaj – Romské léto 2013 (Roma Summer 2013), summer artistic school in Chotěboř (The Czech Republic)
  • Čhavorenge choir commerated the victims of Roma holoucaust by a concert on place of former Collecting Gypsy Camp in Kunštát near Hodonín
  • Training Course Roma Roots – changing your paradigms through singing workshop in Felsöörs (Hungary)
  • Concert of Ida Kelarova, choir Čhavorenge and Brno Philharmonic Orchestra at Richard Adam Gallery in Brno (The Czech Republic


  • Choir Čhavorenge is going on a base of a successful year 2011
  • Workshops with Roma children from Moldava nad Bodvou, Slovakia (January – April, September)
  • Performance in Adalbert Hall, Brussels (Belgium)
  • Workshop with students of Stifgung Gymnasium in Linz (Austria)
  • Workshop of choir Čhavorenge and choir of Watwill in Watwill (Switzerland)
  • Ida Kelarova and choir Čhavorenge performance at Klangfestival Naturstimmen in Toggenburg (Switzerland)
  • Concert – Ida Kelarova, Desiderius Dužda and choir Čhavorenge v theatre of J. K. Tyl in Třeboň (The Czech Republic)
  • Summer school Čhavorenge in Jedlová in Vysočina (Region of the Czech Republic)
  • Romano drom (concerts in Roma settlements in eastern Slovakia)
  • Workshop for members of choir Čhavorenge nad pupil of elementary school in Saanen (Switzerland)
  • Ida Kelarova and choir Čhavorenge were accompanied by Roma and Sinti Philharmonic from Frankfurt am Main (Germany) at Menuhin Gstaad Festival in Gstaad (Switzerland)
  • Oto Bunda is organising workshops of Roma dance in Israel (Jerusalem, Ashkalon and Esus)
  • Concert in frame of the project “Hlasy zítřka” (Voices for Tomorrow)
  • Workshop for members of choirs Čhavorenge and Barbastella in Hodonín (The Czech Republic)
  • Concert of choir Čhavorenge and Barbastella in Zlín (The Czech Republic) with The Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic Orchestra 
  • Ida Kelarova, choirs Čhavorenge a Barbastella performance at charity concert for Tereza Maxová Foundation  


  • Under the guidance of Ida Kelarova and her team, Chavorenge childrens choir was founded with 100 members

  • The management of Gymnasium BRG/BORG in Dornbirn organised dancing and singing workshops and a charity concert. 60 students from Dornbirn Gymnasium participated at the workshop and 12 Roma talented children from the Czech Republic

  • The Čhavorenge project expanded and started succesfully performing with the Hradec Kralove Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Beneficial workshop and concert at Neue Kantonsschule in Aarau (Switzerland)
  • Established a close relationship with Yehudi Menuhin Foundation in Brussels (Belgium)
  • Ida Kelarova, Čhavorenge choir and Hradec Králové Philharmonic Orchestra perform at 22nd annual Interantional musical festival – Letohrad 2011 
  • Michal Mižigár was chosen to participate in the meeting of Czech and Slovak youth at the Open Society Summer Camp 
  • Ida Kelarova, Desiderius Dužda and Oto Bunda took part as judges in the Talent competition for the Zlín Region at the Cultural House in Vsetín
  • Michal Mižigár participated in the workshop for young Roma in Rome (Italy), which was organised by the Roma Organisation (Zürich – Switzerland) 
  • Students Anja Klauser and Corina Noetzli invited Ida and her artistic team Miret to a singing workshop in Aarau (Switzerland) which followingm a public performance Ida and her team taught students from Neue Kantonschule Roma songs and together with them prepared a beneficial concert in the church.
  • „Hlasy pre zajtrajšok“ („Voices for tomorrow“ – cooperation between MIRET and ETP Slovakia on a project which was initiated by Yehudi Menuhin Foundation for supportngg the creativity and mutual dialogue via art. In frame this project was held in a three-day workshop for 45 children from Moldava nad Bodvou (Slovakia)   
  • Michal Mižigár participated in the making of a bachelor documentary movie of Kristýna Balabánová „Roma Youth“
  • Michal Mižigár attended a meeting with  Roma students from the Czech Republic, Germany, Macedonia and Serbia in Berlin, in the frame of a project called as Migration never stops


  • Concert performance at Tereza Maxová fashion show –Besední dům-Prague
  • Release of CD Roma ballad (Indies scope records 2010)
  • International workshop Romano Drom – Levoča, Slovak Republic
  • Festival Konvengercie Panolhámi Hungary
  • Festival of Theatre and Drama Acco, Israel
  • Vocal/Singing workshop  in the Romani settlements Jarovnice, Lenartov, Petrová, Rákúsy, Hermanovce – Slovak Republic
  • Clothes collecting fundraiser for the Romani settlements Rákúsy and Hermanovce
  • Music Festival Konvengercie Košice – Slovak Republic
  • Workshop and concert of the Čhavorenge project, Menuhin festival, Switzerland
  • Established contact with Českobritská o.p.s.
  • Workshop-concert Institute for Living voice Arts campus de Singel – Belgium
  • The Royal Conservatory of Antwerp, Belgium
  • Petr Dvorský Music Festival
  • Workshop with Roma children – Pembrokeshire traveller Education Service-Priory project – Monkton Priory CP school – U.K.
  • Collaboration with organization TRAC folk development for Cardiff – U.K.
  • International music festival Colors of Ostrava
  • Michal Mižigár enrolls in his first year of university - Romani studies, Charles University in Prague


  • Concert performance at the Vienna Opera Ball, Austria
  • Musical collaboration for the theatre play “Purimspiel”, directed by David Mayan, Linz, Austria
  • Vocal/Singing workshop at Asten Jail – Austria
  • Vierka Berkyová wins singing competition Superstar  –Bratislava, SR
  • Michal Mižigár qualified for an internship in the USA for Roma students from the CZ and Hungary organized by the Slovakian Orbis Institute in  Bratislava and Critical Mass Leadership Education in Colorado.


  • Successful row of jazz charity concerts with Iva Bittová, Ida's sister, at Prague's Lucerna Hall
  • Project “Cikáni jdou do nebe” (Gypsies go to Heaven) at the Municipal Theatre Pardubice – music directing, arrangement, professional recording on CD (issued by Municipal Theatre Pardubice)
  • Workshops and concerts in the "Lentos Kunst Museum" (Linz, Austria)
  • Music, singing and theater workshop at the Bruckner University (Linz, Austria)
  • Concert in the Slovak National Museum in Martin, SR
  • Concert in Theatre Potoň, project IMPETUS (Levice, SR)
  • Talk show in Studio Lasica+Satinský  (Bratislava, SR)
  • Workshops and concerts at the "Academy of the Impossible" (Linz, Austria)
  • Artistic direction and preparation of concerts of talented Roma children and youth - Divé maky (SR)
  • Divé Maky concert in the Slovak Radio and the recording of the concert on CD, Bratislava, SR
  • Artistic collaboration with Tereza Maxová - Concerts of fulfilled wishes
  • DVD of jazz concerts in Prague's Lucerna Hall with Iva Bittová released in January 2008
  • Participates in the project "Reading to children,"Nedvědice Primary School
  • Gala concert in Švandovo theater, final performance of  Apsora, cooperation with leading Czech artists Aneta Langerová, Matěj Ruppert, Tereza Černochová
  • Tomáš Kačo begins his studies at AMU (Academy of Performing Arts) in Prague, majoring in classical piano
  • Jan Dužda begins his studies at Charles University in Prague, majoring in Roma studies.


  • Partnership with organization  “Divé Maky”, SR
  • Cooperation with the Hradec Králové Philharmonic Orchestra, Ida Kelarová's concert, Romano Rat, Apsora, FKH
  • Apsora prepares a new concert repertoire - music from the musical "Gypsies Go to Heaven" for the theatre performance at the Municipal Theatre in Pradubice
  • Performance at "Jazz at the end of summer" in Český Krumlov
  • Art workshop for talented young people at castle Svojanov organized by MIRET
  • International Roma Festival "Gypsy Celebration" at castle Svojanov - 7th year
  • Theatre Festival "Vírský Vánek" supported by MIRET, Vír
  • Traveling exhibition of photos "The world is not black and white" with a concert premiere in Karlovy Vary. Photos taken by Zolo Horváth during an art workshop at castle Svojanov in 2007 
  • Filming of documentary film "Kali Čercheň" which charts the course of art workshops at castle Svojanov, director  Janek Růžička
  • MIRET launches its activities in the Slovak Republic
  • Participation in Talk Show with David Hrbkem Švandovo Theatre in Prague
  • Concert as part of the project “Rebelling dames of Czech music”
  • Premiere concert tour with the choir Apsora - Gypsies Go to Heaven, Berlin, Prague
  • Documentary, Czech Television  – “13. komnata Idy Kelarové”
  • Regular workshops with female inmates in Světlá nad Sázavou prison
  • Igor Berka joins the Mahen Theatre in Brno as a singer
  • Benefit concert and workshop with students of Dornbin school, Austria
  • Miret builds 10 lavatories for Roma settlers in the Slovak Republic 
  • Gebruder Weiss from Austria took the clothing donated by elementary school students in Dornbinu to Lenartov in the Slovak Republic.


  • Performance at the theater festival in Zvoleň
  • Television apperance on the show “Noc s Andělem”
  • Concert tour in Norway and Austria with Romano Rat
  • Filming of music clip  “Dado miro” and “Mamo miri”, director Lukáš Rak
  • Premiere of documentary film "Vierka, a.k.a the mysterious disappearance of the B. family", director Míra Janek
  • Cooperation with the choir in Kraslice
  • Cooperation with the civil association Lachi Drom, assistance in organizing Balvalfest - Kokava nad Rimavicou
  • First independent art workshop for talented young people at castle Svojanov organized by MIRET
  • Organization of project "Children, children, čhavorenge", an exhibition of pictures in the Museum of Children's Drawings, Prague
  • International Roma Festival "Gypsy Celebration" at castle Svojanov - 6th year
  • STV music program 'Metro', Ida Kelarová invited talented young Roma children who participated in the art workshops at Svojanov
  • CD Gypsy Celebration 2005 – LIVE released (released by MIRET)
  • Performance at festival "Pohoda" in Trenčín, Ida Kelarová and Desiderius Dužda involved in preparing the performance "Gypsies Go to Heaven" at the Municipal Theatre Žilina. A CD released based on this project  (released by the Municipal Theater Žilina)
  • Musical theater performance collaboration on "Family table", director David Mayan, Vienna, Austria
  • Start of a long term collaboration with the women's prison in Světlá nad Sázavou (founding of a choir) 
  • Auction of children's paintings - moderated by Ester Kočičková –Písecká brána Prague
  • Zola Horvath's photo exhibition "The World is not Black and White" - Karlovy Vary


  • Ida Kelarová as Jan Kraus's guest in his talk show “Uvolňěte se prosím”
  • Apsora choir records its first CD, launch party with special guest Václav Havel
  • Ida Kelarová invited as conductor and vocal coach to one of the workshops at the festival "Bohemia Cantat" in Liberec
  • Performance at festival "Welfare" in Trenčín, 200 singers from the festival workshop perfors with Ida Kelarová
  • Czech premiere of Stephan Satalee's documentary film  “Giľaven/Sing!” –  Cinema Aero, Prague
  • International Roma Festival "Gypsy Celebration" at  castle Svojanov - 5th year
  • Television documentary film "Gypsy Celebration", directed by Václav Kučera (Czech Television)


  • Ida Kelarová and Desiderius Dužda involved in the creation of musical performance "Gypsies Go to Heaven" at the Prague's Theatre Divadlo bez zábradlí. New CD released with this project (released by Divadlo bez zábradlí) 
  • International Roma Festival "Gypsy Celebration" at  castle Svojanov - 4th year


  • Ida Kelarová founds a 40 member choir Apsora - International choir workshop participants of the "International School for Human Voice" 
  • Autumn tour of the Czech and Slovak Republic, Ida Kelarová and her band
  • Documentary film by Stephan Satelee "Giľaven / Sing!" (planned premiere on 30. November in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on TV station ST3)
  • International Roma Festival "Gypsy Celebration" at  castle Svojanov - 3rd year


  • CD “Staré slzy” (Indies rec.)
  • Roma festival Strasbourg (France)
  • Roma festival Romane Dywesa Gorzow (Poland)
  • International Roma Festival "Gypsy Celebration" at  castle Svojanov - 2nd year. Held by MIRET.


  • Premiere of Igor Chaun's documentary film “S Idou za zrcadlem”, (Behind the Looking Glass with Ida) which captures the February workshop Ida Kelarova "Song of My Soul" WOMAD Festival Cáceres (Spain)
  • Roma festivals Tilburg (The Netherlands) and Gent (Belgium)
  • Concert for the Committee Dobrá vůle of Olga Havlová in Prague
  • International Roma Festival "Gypsy Celebration" organized by MIRET, 1st year. Hartmanice


  • Tour – Mongolia, Romania, festival WOMAD Gran Canaria and Prague
  • Roma festivals Amala Kiev (Ukraine) and Khamoro Prague
  • Release of CD “Dadoro”


  • Founding of civil association MIRET (International Initiative for the Developmnet of Ethnic Art)
  • Founding of female Roma choir “Čhaja”


Romano drom

Romano drom summer school with concerts in three towns in the North Bohemia (Šluknovsko) will take place during July 30 - August 13, 2016.


  • 9. 8. letní kino v Novém Boru
  • 10. 8. Lužické náměstí v Rumburku
  • 11. 8. zámecké zahrady v Děčíně


Concerts with the Czech Philharmonic

Four concerts by the Čhavorenge Choir and Czech Philharmonic directed by Marco Ivanović will take place in Prague in October 2016.