International Initiative for Development for Ethnic Art

Benefit weekend in Linz - November 2010

The weekend project Romano Drom (Romani Journey) was held in Linz, Austria on 12.-14. November 2010. The project was dedicated to the Romani culture and history and all that is Romani.

Dance and vocal workshops, talks, Romani-themed films, discussions about what is means to be Roma and a final benefit concert performed by workshop participants . The funds raised were used to fund the project LE ČHAVORENGE (For the Children).

The aim of this weekend was to promote Romani culture and present the Romani community in the world, to meet, dance and sing together, to communicate and get to know each other. We strongly believe that these are small steps that are actually the big steps towards removing prejudices and shaping people's opinions of about the Roma.

People are strongly prejudiced against the Roma and after experiencing these events they become more open to contact and are able to build deeper relationships to help establish a better co-existence.

Karina Fedko became the main project organizer, participating in the Romani project ROMA DROM held in the summer of 2010 in east Slovakia, lead by Ida Kelarová and her artistic team. The aim of this project was to rehearse a concert repertoire which was then performed by the workshop participanst and artists in the Romani settlements in east Slovakia (for more information about the project Romano Drom please visit the MIRET webpages).

Artistic collaborations with the Romani settlers, children and artists gradually evolved based on personal contact. One of the participants of this international project was Karina Fedko.

Karina also organized a clothing collection fundraiser and the firm and funding for transport. The whole package with this clothing was delivered to the Romani settlement Rakúsy in East Slovakia the following week.

The greates acknowledgement goes to Karina Fedko and also to all who participated in and contributed to this benefit project ROMANO DROM in Linz and thus supported the activities of MIRET, "our" Roma and children living in unfavourable conditions in east Slovakia.

Thank you - Paľikeras!

on behalf of the artistic team MIRET

Ida Kelarová, Artistic Director


Romano drom

Romano drom summer school with concerts in three towns in the North Bohemia (Šluknovsko) will take place during July 30 - August 13, 2016.


  • 9. 8. letní kino v Novém Boru
  • 10. 8. Lužické náměstí v Rumburku
  • 11. 8. zámecké zahrady v Děčíně


Concerts with the Czech Philharmonic

Four concerts by the Čhavorenge Choir and Czech Philharmonic directed by Marco Ivanović will take place in Prague in October 2016.