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Documentary film “Ida’s Idea”

On October 5 at Prague’s Světozor cinema the premiere screening of Tomáš Kudrna’s documentary film about the 2015 Romano drom summer school entitled “Ida’s Idea” took place with Ida Kelarová, her co-workers, and the Chavorenge choral group attending the event.

About documentary film (source: Aeroškola)

The very emotive documentary film “Ida’s Idea” follows the attempts of world renowned jazz singer Ida Kelarová to find talented children in the Roma ghettos of eastern Slovakia,  to create a choral group with them. Accompanied by the Czech Philharmonic, they play concerts which serve as an inspiration to other Roma so that they too could find a way out of the ghettos.  The film describes the 10 dramatic days at the summer school organised by  Ida Kelarová  for the children.  All sorts of crises and obstacles are confronted at the camp during preparations for the major concert with the Czech Philharmonic. The film is dominated by the charismatic personality of the singer, who tries to get the best out of the group of children and show them a path to another life.

Accompanying Action

The film was screened through the Aerofilms network.  Ida Kelarová and Oto Bunda attended giving viewers the chance to ask questions about the film as well as the work of Ida Kelarová and the organization MIRET, z. s.

Several screenings of the film “Ida’s Idea” took place at the Světozor cinema between November 12 and 15 for pupils and students of elementary and middle schools with Ida Kelarová and her assistant Ota Bunda taking part.

The film will also be screened later by Czech Television.

Comments about the film

"We followed the film with a lot of emotion. We saw for the first time how Roma live in the small villages in Eastern Slovakia from where most of the choir members came from.  You have really performance a great and worthwhile endeavour with these children. It must be an immense boost when some of them get into a conservatory or other artistic school. It was really touching how they thanked you with tears in their eyes. It was indescribable how much they valued what you are doing, trusted you, and appreciated your support. I must say that for me it was an unforgettable experience. Many thanks once again and from my deepest heart I wish you all the energy and force to continue with the work so that you can continue to bring us much more pleasure thanks to your own artistic efforts and those of the Chavorenge choir." (Vašek Juránek)

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