International Initiative for Development for Ethnic Art

Collection of clothes for Roma settlement in Lenartov in 2013 

Civic association Miret in cooperation with B. O. R. G. Schoren Gymnasium in Dornbirn, Austria, organised a collection of clothes among students of the aforementioned Gymnasium. 

The students of the Gymnasium, together with Ida Kelarova and her artistic team, cooperated in a singing workshop and common concert. Mr. Rainer Feuerstein, who has taught at this school for a long time, took over as the initiator and main organizer of the entire project, and we would like to thank him for a hard, but significant project that couldn´t get by without him. On 13th November 2013 was a lorry was dispatched with clothes to the Roma settlements in Lenartov and Markušovce (Eastern Slovakia).

This help was thankfully appreciated, as the mayor of Lenartov Jana Bľandová wrote us in a letter of thanks in the name of village, and we thank her for a great cooperative effort.