International Initiative for Development for Ethnic Art

Performing Arts Camps

As of 2002, civil association MIRET has been organizing and initiating summer camps for children, enabling approximately 100 Roma and non-Roma children from children's homes and socially disadvantaged families to spend a part of summer in the beautiful area around castle Svojanov .

Children can choose from a wide array of performing arts activities and acquire skills and cultivate their talent in the area of their choice. Apart from focusing on fulfilling their own artistic goals, they also learn the art of communication and understanding, so that in the future they can become valid members of our society.

Thanks to the success of the project Apsora in 2005, it was possible to organize the first summer camp for teenagers that brought together (as at any other summer camp) young people from all different corners of the world and social backgrounds. Both camps are held in the creative spirit and participants learn to sing Romani songs, traditional Romani and modern dances, try out their skills in drama, painting, drawing and also learn about each other's cultural roots.

The primary aim is to create a system of individual support of talented Roma children from socially and economically deprived backgrounds who do not have the opportunity to develop their own skills and capacity to learn.

This education programme is practical proof of the success of implementing an alternative model of educating Roma children and youth.

In today's hectic age, rather than focusing on openness and sincerity, bringing up a child usually takes on a different direction. The abovementioned qualities are often seen as being somewhat second-rate and even inappropriate, but MIRET strives to prove the opposite - loving and helping others means loving yourself.

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Romano drom summer school with concerts in three towns in the North Bohemia (Šluknovsko) will take place during July 30 - August 13, 2016.


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Concerts with the Czech Philharmonic

Four concerts by the Čhavorenge Choir and Czech Philharmonic directed by Marco Ivanović will take place in Prague in October 2016.