International Initiative for Development for Ethnic Art


Civic association MIRET statutes

Article I

Introductory provisions

  1. Name of civic association: o.s. MIRET, Acronym: MIRET (hereinafter referred to as "Association")
  2. Registered office: Nerudova 228, 569 92 Bystré

Article II

Rights and Status of the Association

The Association is a voluntary, independent group associating members on the basis of fulfilling common objectives of the Association.

  1. The association is a legal entity registered by the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic.

Article III

Mission and Objectives of the Association

The mission of the Association:

  1. The basic mission is to help the Roma citizens, especially children and young people in their integration and coexistence with the majority and conversely the majority of the Czech Republic to try to understand the Roma and discover new values in a different culture.

The objectives of the Association:

  1. Supporting the development and restoration of the main traditional Romani values such as independence, free spirit, sense of honor and justice, respect for the elderly, gender and family cohesion, loving care of children and solidarity among the Roma themselves without regard to social status.
  2. Supporting the fight against racism, strenghthening the respect for human rights, facilitation of the development of democracy and tolerance in the society.
  3. Supporting the edcuation of the Roma, including providing or procuring scholarships for Roma students and gifted students, deepening professional knowledge of local Roma activists.
  4. Supporting the Roma youth primarily in the area of sport, culture and general leisure time activities.
  5. Supporting humanitarian, charitable and self-help acitvities amongst the Roma.
  6. Translating foreign literature about the Roma.
  7. Supporting the codification of the Romani as a literary language.
  8. Providing legal assistance to socially disadvantaged Roma, especially in the defense of victims of racially motivated assaults, or in cases where there is reasonable suspicion that due to the their status, low education level or language handicap, the victims will have difficulty with defending their rights.
  9. Supporting the development of Roma communities, training courses, exhibitions of Roma artists and promotion of the Roma culture in all its areas.
  10. Working with state and local administrative bodies as an effort to improve the co-existence of the majority and Roma. Working with different types of organizations and bodies in promoting the rights of the Roma as an ethnic minority.
  11. Working with Roma organizations in the CZ and abroad, participating in international non-governmental structures which deal with the Roma issue.
  12. Developing social work and community involvement in public life.
  13. To meet its objectives, the association searches for sponsor funding and raises its own funds through activities and projects. 

Article IV


Only natural persons above the age of 18 may be members of the association.

  1. The association is open to all who demonstrate the required organizational and artistic abilities, and moral qualities.
  2. The Executive team takes decisions on memberships based on written applications.
  3. The contents of the application are subject to the Executive team. The admission of a member is decided upon unanimously by the Executive team and the applicant is informed immediately with the result. The Executive team is not obliged to justify this decision.
  4. When membership ceases:
    a) the member notifies the Executive team of his resignation in written form
    b) the member is expelled by the Executive team
    c) death of the member
    d) dissolution of the association
  5. The reason for expulsion being mainly:                        a) serious breach of association statutes
    b) serious breach of legal obligations in executions on behalf of the association
    c) threat or breach of the good reputation of the association
    d) not fulfilling all duties for longer than 2 months.       Job duties are specified in the internal directives of the association
  6. The proposal to exclude a member may be made by any member of the Executive team, providing the reasons on which the proposal is based.  The  member to whom the proposal of exlusion applies must be notified in writing at least 1 week prior to his exclusion. The member to whom the proposal of exclusion applies must be invited to the Executive team meetings held about the exclusion. The member has the right to express his opinion about the proposal, submit evidence and request an explanation from the proponent. A member of the Executive team to whom the exclusion applies, does not have the right to vote for himself.                       
  7. The right to judicial protection of the member is not affected. 

Article V

Register of Members

  1. The register of members of the association (hereinafter referred to as "register") is administered by the Executive team. The form of the register is specified by the Executive team by an internal regulation.
  2. The register serves as an overview of members and memberships and also about legal relations of the members with the association.
  3. The register contains:
    a)  name and surname of the member
    b) permanent residence of the member, contact address
    c) date of entry
    d) date and legal reason for membership termination
    e) other issues relating to membership specified by the Executive team.

Article VI

Rights and Obligations of Members

  1. The member has the right to:
    a) participate in the activites of the association
    b) be elected to association bodies
    c) appeal to the bodies of the association submitting suggestions and complaints and requiring comments
    d) be informed about the activities of the Association and its internal regulations
    e) participate in member meetings and present his opinions, suggestions and comments

  2. The duties of the member include:
    a) complying with the statutes and internal regulations of the association
    b) active participation in achieving the objectives of the association
    c) payment of membership fees
    d) respecting decisions of the membership and Executive Team
    e) taking care of assets entrusted to the association. The authorities of the Association shall immediately be informed about damage or loss of assets entrusted to the member. The member shall compensate any damage suffered.
    f) take full advantage of their knowledge and artistic ability to further increase the organizational and artistic level of the association in accordance with association statutes. 

Article VII

Honorary Membership

  1. Honorary membership may be granted to an individual who has significantly facilitated the development of some of the activities that are the objectives of the association. 
  2. The candidate must express consent prior to granting the honorary membership.
  3. The honorary member may give up his honorary membership. 
  4. In case of violation of the reputation of the association, the honorary status may be revoked only by decision of the executive team.
  5. The honorary member may attend all association events and the annual Executive Team meeting, to which he will be invited in writing or by email.
  6. The honorary member is not obliged to pay membership fees. 

Article VIII

Association Bodies

  1. The association bodies are the:
    a) Membership meeting
    b) Executive Team
    c) Director
    d) Artistic Director.

Article IX

Membership Meeting

  1. The Membership meeting is the decision-making body of the Association.
  2. The membership meeting is convened by the Executive Team annually. 
  3. The Membership meeting mainly:
    a) approves amendments of articles
    b) decides on termination of the association and property settlement
    c) approves reports on assets management
    d) takes note of the annual report
    e) decide on the establishment of advisory bodies.
  4. The Membership meeting is quorate only if an absolute majority of its members are present. The Membership Meeting decides by an absolute majority of members present. In the event of a tie, the executive team decides. 

Article X

Executive Team

  1. The Executive Team isa  3 to 5-member body whose members have equal authority. 
  2. The Executive Team is composed of the Director, Artistic Director and Executive Team members.
  3. The Executive Team elects the Director and Artistic Director. 
  4. The Executive Team manages the general operation of the association .
  5. The Executive Team meeting is convened by the Membership meeting at least once (1x) a year.
  6. The Member of the Executive Team may be employed by the association. 
  7. The Executive Team member can be discharged only with the consent of the remaining members of the Executive Team.
  8. The Executive Team has veto power.

Article XI


  1. The Director of the association is a statutory body of the Association, which represents the Association mainly in matters related to the mission, goals and vision of the association. 
  2. The Director is elected by the Executive Team by vote, requiring an absolute majority of vote.

Article XII

Artistic Director

  1. The Artistic Director is a statutory body of the Association, which represents the association inthe  educational and artistic area and represents the association activities in public. 
  2. The Artistic Director is elected by the Executive Team by vote, requiring an absolute majority of votes. 

 Article XIII

Statutory Representatives

  1. The statutory representatives are the Director and Artistic Director.

Article XIV

Acting on behalf of the Association

  1. The Director or Artistic Director act on behalf of the association, each seperately.
  2. Signing on behalf of the association takes on the form of the Director or Artistic Director attaching their signature to the name of the association.

Article XV

Assets Management Principles

  1. Assets resources are mainly:
    a) donations and contributions from legal and natural persons
    b) income from secondary activities
    c) contributions from the government budget
    d) membership fees
    e) others
  2. The profit shall be used to develop the activities of the association or management of the association. 
  3. The association issues an annual report on the activities and management of the association, which includes the following in particular:
    a) overview of activities in the calendar year
    b) number and structure of association members
    c) structure of association bodies
    d) annual financial statement and evaluation of the data contained.

Article XVI

Dissolution of the Association

  1. The Association is dissolved in accordance with the law.
  2. The association members decide on the voluntary dissolution of the association.
  3. Property settlement during the dissolution of the association is subject to the decision of the Executive Team. An assesor shall be named in the event of a dissolution without a legal successor. The assesor is named, discharged and rewarded by decision of the Executive Team.    
  4. Remaining assets shall be transferred to another non-profit organization with a similar programme, according to the decision of the Executive Team. 

Article XVII

Final Provisions

  1. In accordance with the objectives of its activities, the association has the right to address state authorities with petitions. 
  2. The Association is registered with the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic. 
  3. In the event of a dispute between association members concerning interpretion of these statutes, the Executive Team is entitled to interpret them.
  4. This version of the statutes replaces the statutes from 1. 3. 1999.


Romano drom

Romano drom summer school with concerts in three towns in the North Bohemia (Šluknovsko) will take place during July 30 - August 13, 2016.


  • 9. 8. letní kino v Novém Boru
  • 10. 8. Lužické náměstí v Rumburku
  • 11. 8. zámecké zahrady v Děčíně


Concerts with the Czech Philharmonic

Four concerts by the Čhavorenge Choir and Czech Philharmonic directed by Marco Ivanović will take place in Prague in October 2016.